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Non Surgical Face Lifts (Thread Lift)

"The Brazilian non-surgical Face Lift"

One of the earliest signs that men and women are maturing, are that they’re eyebrows, cheeks and jaw droop with gravity. The face seems to thin out, and cheek structure is lost. Patients are perceived as tired, angry or depressed even though they are active and happy. Often, patients note that people treat them differently, both at work and in a social environment.

These changes begin in the 40´s. Collagen or Restylane injections, fat transfers, microdermabrasions or peelings, do not fully correct these changes by themselves. Surgery is often too dramatic at this age and produces a stretched or unnatural look, and comply all the risks involved in the procedure and general anesthesia.

Now there is an easy method to naturally correct the face sag, the skin is literally lifted with special nylon thread material from the inside, carrying the face with it. The cheek is restored and the sagging folds are reduced with this simple procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Doctors Sulamanidze developed this procedure In Russia in the year 1996. They discovered a new method for lifting the face without the invasive open face surgery, through the use of suture like threads made out of "polypropylene", a biocompatible, non-toxic or carcinogenic material. The threads have milimetric spikes in its entire length. In the year 2000, Dr. Beramendi (Sao Paulo, Brazil) modified the material and technique achieving even better results.

The procedure may be performed alone, or in conjunction with other minimally invasive procedures.

Younger patients (40-50) will notice outstanding changes because they have not aged as much. However, these patients age first in the midface area and are quite happy something short of a facelift can dramatically improve their problems with sagging in the nose to the lip folds and the mouth to chin folds.

The Brazilian non-surgical facelift can produce significant improvement in the more mature patient (50-65) with moderate midface sagging. The quick recovery makes these patients some of the most enthusiastic for the procedure. When the patient has a considerable amount of redundant skin on the midface or neck area, they probably are better candidates for a traditional surgical face-lift.

Patients in the 65 - 85 age range who have had previous face-lifts and require to refresh they’re appearance, may find that the Brazilian non-surgical face-lift fits their needs for facial rejuvenation. The improvement in the face can achieve the desired goals without the need to repeat the full facelift process. This procedure does not pull the skin "too tight". It produces a natural "restorative" type improvement.

For patients who wish to extend the indications for the Brazilian non-surgical facelift to include more extensive jowl removal and some neck work, an "open technique" may be used. In this instance, the closed technique is combined with a neck lift or a mini lift.




Under local anesthesia, threads like sutures with tinny "spikes" are inserted under the skin (on top of the muscles) using a small cannula. The cannula is then withdrawn and the spikes of the string "hook" to the tissue, and with gentle manual pulling, the strings pull the skin upwards producing the uplifting effect.

The procedure is performed in approximately 45 minutes and the patient can go back home the same day. Since no cutting is involved, no scars will be left to the patient. The recuperation takes a maximum of 3 to 5 days. The result of the procedure is immediate and the cost is of one third of a surgical mini-lift.

If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact us, we will describe more about this dramatic technological advance, which enables us to provide better results with less risk and recovery time.

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