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Permanent Filler Agents

Dermagen and New Plastic

What is Dermagen?

Dermagen is a polymeric (long-chain) compound of natural silica and oxygen. During manufacture, the silica is melted at a temperature of 2,000o F, stripped of free radicals, purified and sterilized.

An all-natural mineral solution, Dermagen is the ideal choice in permanent filler agents, the product does not reabsorb as temporary fillers do, like Collagen or Restylane. Dermagen is perfect for permanent lip augmentation, frowning lines between eyebrows, nasal-labial folds, marionette lines, chin and cheek augmentation, rejuvenating aged skeletal looking hands and the restoration of lost volume to certain scars from accidents or acne.

Dermagen is used medically in the form of a “filler agent” which is resistant to body fluids, permeable to oxygen and is not rejected by the body. Instead, the human tissue forms its own soft collagen web around the substance within 30 days, thus preventing migration of the material from the original point of injection. We have seen no rejection or any other negative side effects other than an occasional short lived, temporary inflammation or bruising at the injection site.

Injecting Dermagen greatly diminishes wrinkles by providing support to the collagen under the depressions. See why we believe all natural Dermagen is the Answer to quick, easy more natural looking lip augmentation.

Dermagen is done as an outpatient treatment, under topical anesthesia (numbing spray’s), if you have a low pain threshold, local anesthesia (nerve block) can be done. The result is immediate and no special aftercare is required, there could be light swelling or bruising for 24-48 hours.



Dermagen can provide more volume to the natural shape of your lips or we can reshape the lips to give that pouty look, improve the outline and diminish the vertical wrinkles that enter the lips.


Dermagen greatly diminishes the smiling lines that go from the corner of the nose from the corner of the mouth.


Dermagen is used for to give frontal projection to the Chin and add volume to Cheeks to create more harmony and symmetry to the face.


Permanent rejuvenation of hands can be done with Dermagen. This procedure quickly restores a smooth and youthful appearance to aged hands by filling the sunken hollows between prominent tendons and veins in the back of the hand.


Dermagen corrects the vertical lines in between the eyebrows that give the angry or mad appearance.


What is New Plastic?

New Plastic is an implant used for plastic and reconstructive surgery. It is biologically inert and its designed to give long lasting clinical results.

New Plastic contains homogenous PMMA microspheres of 40 micra diameter precisely selected and suspended in a hydrogel, composed of non-absorbable synthetic derivatives.

In virtue of its diameter and the absence of any irregularity in its surface, the microspheres are not reabsorbed or fagocitated, staying exactly where they were injected.


After the injection of New Plastic, there is a foreign body reaction with the formation of collagen and new vascularity. In view of its composition, the hydrogel is reabsorbed in 24 hours and the PMMA particles stay in place because they are encapsulated. The formation of fibers and cells is progressive, starting 9 days after the day of the injection and continues for several months


  • The microspheres are not reabsorbed because they are bigger than fagocites (cell’s that reabsorb temporary filler agent’s)
  • The product goes through a purification process to eliminate impurities
  • It is a stable homogenous suspension
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Permanent results


New Plastic can reshape and remodel a nose by lifting the tip of the nose or to correct depressions on the back of the nose.


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